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Currency price Rise and fall Markets transaction
BTC BTC/USDT 67384.08 -3.3311% transaction
ETH ETH/USDT 3503.87 -3.147% transaction
ETC ETC/USDT 25.6496 -3.4164% transaction
CRY CRY/USDT 0.044117 -5.2185% transaction
XRP XRP/USDT 0.4861 -2.1163% transaction
BNB BNB/USDT 606.4 -3.4349% transaction
DOT DOT/USDT 6.4808 -3.3423% transaction
MATIC MATIC/USDT 0.624072 -3.6816% transaction
BCH BCH/USDT 448.23 -3.3383% transaction
LTC LTC/USDT 78.94 +0.3432% transaction
SHIB SHIB/USDT 2.151E-5 -6.3561% transaction
FIL FIL/USDT 5.4043 -4.8254% transaction
DOGE DOGE/USDT 0.143727 -4.0393% transaction
LINK LINK/USDT 15.5055 -3.5176% transaction
BCH BCH/USDT 448.23 -3.3383% transaction
BSV BSV/USDT 51.9043 -4.5001% transaction
ADA ADA/USDT 0.428132 -2.8265% transaction
EOS EOS/USDT 0.6866 -2.8992% transaction
TRX TRX/USDT 0.116718 -0.7382% transaction
XMR XMR/USDT 174.63 -3.0534% transaction
IOTA IOTA/USDT 0.2002 -4.8027% transaction
DASH DASH/USDT 26.46 -1.3423% transaction
ZEC ZEC/USDT 23.16 -2.7299% transaction

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